Svenska Skum History

The Svenska Skum group was founded in January 1933, and since then Svenska Skum has greatly influenced the development of fire fighting technology, notably the use of foam equipment. Skum is the Swedish word for foam.

Nature of Business and Products

Svenska Skum develops, designs, manufactures, markets, installs and provides services of fire extinguishing systems and components using foam, Aragonite, CO2, or other gas as agent.

Svenska Skum is manufacturing the widest range of fire monitors with various control systems, as well as a complete range of tested, approved and documented foam and gaseous systems and components for such systems. Svenska Skum is also the patent holder and primary supplier of HotFoam systems for both industrial and marine applications.

This intercom system provide a full-duplex voice communication for linking with main control room and each of emergency in tunnel area, power plant, plant room or other public area. Each system consists of emergency telephones, main control PABX and main operation telephone.

This system is suitable for tunnel, highway, railway, power plant and outdoor application.

Primary Segments

Petrochemical processing and chemical industries, warehouses, power plants and other high risk areas, as well as ships and offshore installations. Computer and telecommunication system installations. Tunnel protection (road, rail, cable) is a relatively new, but very promising application area.

SKUM product diversifies into following series:

For Marine Application
For Land Application