The marine environment - corrosion, vibration and extreme weather conditions - demands the utmost from fire fighting equipment. Equipment from Svenska Skum is designed to meet these stringent needs and is approved by all major authorities and regulating bodies. The machinery spaces are always high risks areas on a ship. A burst oil pipe or oil coming in contact with a hot surface: this spells danger! Quick action is required. Whether gas based or foam based, Svenska Skum has a system to handle such risks, and which complies with the applicable rules and regulations.

Marine External Fire Fighting System

The Marine External Fire Fighting System (Fi-Fi System), as the name implies, provides the water/foam for fighting external fires. This system is popular for application onboard inland water, seaport tugboats, fire fighting boats and offshore supply vessels, etc. It is a special fire fighting system for external ships or platforms.

The system is applied for three major categories of vessel according to different purpose and working conditions:

  1. Special fire fighting vessels.
  2. Harbor tugs
  3. Assistant offshore vessels for oil platform such as PSV, AHTS and oil field standby vessel and salvage vessel.

Main component of this Fi-Fi system:

  1. Remote electrical control Fire monitor for (Foam/Water) discharge
  2. Foam proportiontor
  3. Water spray system
  4. Main Fi-Fi system control panel
  5. Fire Pump

Fi-Fi System description:

The power source come from the main engine, which is transferred to the fire pumps via remotely-operated gearboxes or clutch assemblies. The External Fi-Fi System includes also a Water spray System, with water taken from the Fi-Fi pumps, for self-protection of the vessel. The fire pumps are normally installed in the engine room, below water line, for best possible performance. The water from the pumps is delivered to the monitors normally located at the bridge or other ideal positions. Remote control of the fire pumps, monitors and valves is achieved from the Control Panel normally located at the Wheelhouse.