Fire Protection on Land

Fire fighting systems are required in nearly every type of industry. Fire hazards like diesel-driven generators, paint stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and waste incinerator plants illustrate the need to individually evaluate each hazard to find the most effective solution.

Hot Foam System



Safety and reliability standards for fire fighting equipment are particularly high in the aviation industry. Foam systems are well suited for life safety as well as asset protection. Svenska Skum systems have been proven to be highly effective for everything from fighting fires that result from crashes to protection of aircraft and personnel in the hanger.

Fire Monitor


Oil Petrochemical

As the values of crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals have increased, it is even more important to prevent fires from starting - to protect personnel, property and products from the ravages of fire.
A fixed fire fighting system is generally the best way to protect an area where there is a fire hazard. Such systems are designed so that they can be activated in seconds.

Storage Tank Protection

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Protecting Power Plants

It is a fact that power generating systems are a unique fire hazard in their own right. Diesel generator rooms, fuel oil tanks, transformers, coal or oil handling areas are all special risks requiring special solutions. Svenska Skum can provide them.

Hot Foam System



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Fog / Jet Fire Monitors

Manual Fire Monitor

A range of manually operated fog/jet water/foam monitors with exceptional flow characteristics, optimizing throw range with delivery of water or foam in jet form or as a spray pattern. The range is available for a number of alternate mounting positions, with two main types: the FJM and FJM-S, where the 'S' version has an in-built foam concentrate inductor, eliminating the need for a separate proportioning system.


Electrical Remote Control Fog / Jet Fire Monitor

Powerful fire extinguishing monitor with exceptionally good flow characteristics. Remote control operation. Electric motor driven elevation and rotation movement and solenoid valve operated fog / jet pattern adjustment.


Hydraulic Remote Control Fog / Jet Fire Monitor

A powerful fire extinguishing monitor with exceptionally good performance characteristics. The FJM has a variable stream pattern and throw range which can easily be adjusted to meet different site requirements.

Remotely managed hydraulic elevation and rotation control, the FJM-H range has manual and remotely operated fog/jet pattern controls, with a hydraulic power pack designed to customer requirements.
Storage Tank Protection Accessories

Storage Tanks Foam Generator - OFG

Over the top foam generators are installed to the outside wall of liquid storage tanks above the level of stored product, producing and injecting foam onto the liquid surface.

Floating Roof Storage Tanks - OFGR

OFGRs are air-aspirated foam discharge devices that are designed to protect floating roof, flammable liquid storage tanks. They can be used on open top constructions with either a double deck or pontoon type floating roof.

Semi-Subsurface Foam Injection Device - HSSS

Foam injecting device used to deliver expanded foam to the liquid surface in a storage tank via the flexible hose.

For use in storage tanks containing water soluble flammable liquids or applications where fuel pick-up by foam is not acceptable and expanded foam must be delivered to the surface.

High Back Pressure Foam Generators – PFG and PFG-S

The PFG and PFG-S are foam making units, introducing air into the water/foam liquid solution and thus producing expanded foam. The PFG-S version has a built-in foam liquid inductor.

Foam makers are primarily used for subsurface and semi-subsurface foam systems on flammable liquid storage tanks. Other applications are foam inlet heads and pourers at tank tops where aerated foam has to be distributed through a pipeline.

Foam Sealing Membrane (SM)

The foam sealing membrane is designed as a wafer thin seal, easily installed between flanges, manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel with a PTFE membrane to be used to seal off the storage tank content from the foam line. The sealing membrane is intended to be used as a check valve sealing off the tank product from the foam line in a subsurface system or as a gas proof check valve in an over the top foam system. It is also an integrated part in the HSSS semi subsurface foam unit.

Fixed Low Expansion Foam Branchpipe

The MLB is a fixed installation low expansion foam generator with large area coverage. Its rugged construction makes it is suitable for use outdoors and in difficult climates.

For coverage of bunded areas and basins with low expansion foam.

Hot foam system

Hot Expansion Foam

The HG range of high expansion foam generators are generally designed for use within Skum HotFoam™ systems.

HG foam generators are used within 'inside air' applications, for the protection of enclosed spaces and are suitable for installations in warehouses, flammable liquid stores, tunnels and marine engine and pump rooms.

Foam proportioner

Pump Foam Proportioner

The balanced pressure PP proportioner induces foam concentrate into the feed water line and the proportioning rate is site adjustable, though initially factory set during manufacture.

Bladder Tank Foam Proportioner

Skum TP and TPW proportioners guarantee accurate foam proportioning over a wide range of flow and pressure conditions.

The TP proportioner is used in conjunction with bladder tanks to supply accurate foam delivery to fire monitors and deluge systems. The TP / TPW is used in combination with the Skum bladder tank, MTB.

Foam Storage Tank

Bladder Tank

The bladder tank is used to induce foam concentrate into water systems with variable flows and/or pressures. The system is ideal for upgrading a water sprinkler system to a foam / water sprinkler system. Constant proportioning, irrespective of flow, is achieved by a pressure balance between the foam liquid in the bladder and the water in the system flowing over the proportioner.
Rapid Response Foam Trailer

Rapid Response Foam Trailer

The RAFT range of trailers is designed deliver an effective fire fighting solution to the scene of a fire incident as quickly as possible, to enable fire fighters to quickly bring a situation under control within the minimum time.