Company Profile

GAI-Tronics is the world's largest company focuses on the communication needs of the world's industrial markets. Founded in 1946, GAI-Tronics's earliest products set the industry standard for durability and reliability. While maintaining our commitment to the principles of providing quality products and customer services, today's GAI-Tronics aggressively applies leading edge technology to solve the world's most challenging communication needs.

Communication System

GAI-Tronics continually expands and improves its communication systems to meet the growing demands of our thousands of customers throughout virtually every type of industry. From a basic facility intercommunication system (Page /Party system) to a complete system with communication, monitor and emergency notification, GAI-Tronics meets the needs of the world's markets.

Telephones and Telephone System

GAI-Tronics offers products and systems in the industrial telephone line are wide enough to accommodate virtually all customers' request. Besides standard-type, autodial, and ringdown phones robustly designed to withstand environment, weather and abuse, we also offer high-technology specialty phones, such as the CleanPhone Telephone, Intrinsically- Safe telephones for classified hazardous areas, and super-rugged vandal-resistant phones that can withstand virtually any abuse.

GAI-Tronics phone diversifies into following series:

Industrial Telephone Industrial Telephone
Weather-proof Telephone
Trackside Telephone
Tunnel Emergency Telephone
Explosion-proof Telephone Explosion-proof Telephone
Page Party Communication System Page Party Communication System