Page Party Communication System

Features and Benefits:

  • Through the system page function – with proper speaker placement - individuals can be contacted anywhere in your facility.
  • For different party communication, we can though the system party functions to allow two or more people to converse without being heard over the speakers.
  • Thought the noise canceling telephone handset, the user can communication under the high as 115 dB (Sound Pressure Level) ambient noises without the use of acoustical enclosures or booths to clearly talking with another user by party communication function or broadcast user’s voice by speaker for page function.

System Configuration

All Page/Party Stations amplifiers are electrically paralleled, and systems may be expanded by extending cable from the nearest amplifier or junction box.

Operation is simple:


1) The user lifts the station handset and depresses the page button. Speaking directly into the handset, the user announces his page.


2) The user can responding individual(s) lifts the handset of their nearest Page/Party® station for telephone-type, duplex communication over the party line. Up to ten individuals may engage in conversation on each party line.

Page/Party® communication systems schematic