We understand the specific needs of different customers. To provide the more efficiency functions on the real situation, we can customize an emergency telephone system based on the customer’s needs.

This intercom system provide a full-duplex voice communication for linking with main control room and each of emergency in tunnel area, power plant, plant room or other public area. Each system consists of emergency telephones, main control PABX and main operation telephone.

This system is suitable for tunnel, highway, railway, power plant and outdoor application.

Emergency telephone

The material for each of emergency telephone is the metal bodied for vandal resisting. The IP rating for each of telephone is 65 (telephone door closed IP66) and apply to the high humidity area such as tunnel area. The power source of each of telephone provide by analogy telephone line that means no external power required. This telephone comply with Hong Kong fire services regulation and railway requirement.

Main control PABX

This main control PABX provide an analogy network for connect each of emergency telephone. The network connection distance between each of emergency telephone and PABX can more than 5 Km.

Main operation telephone:

This main operation telephone designed for operator using.

A displayer on main operation telephone indicates which emergency telephone is calling and the number of emergency telephone calls in queue. The operator can monitor the communication condition and respond the call from emergency telephone user.

Operation description:

Telephone side:

When a user asks for help from emergency telephone, the user can open the telephone door and lift the hand to make a call to the main control room. The emergency telephone will automatic connect to main control room.

Main operation control room side:

Main control telephone locate at the control room

This main control telephone at the control room will ring out and displayer will indicate the incoming caller’s location and its extension number. The operator picks up the handset to respond the call from emergency telephone.

The advantage of this intercom system is durable, reliable and easy for operation.

We can base on your requirement to proposal communication system for your project application.